Dogfish’s Helping Hand

DF-FF-HelpingHandWe take our community responsibility seriously. So, we offer help whenever we can. Dogfish Head Alehouses support our local communities primarily through fundraising days in our restaurants. We concentrate our support on disease-fighting organizations that have a local connection, schools and projects that help our neighbors.

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  • Complete the Contact Information below.
  • We’ll schedule a planning meeting to discuss how to make it a success
  • We select a date (almost always on Tuesdays)
  • DFH donates 15% of the entire selected day’s proceeds
  • DFH promotes the event on the website (see the Events Calendar)
  • We encourage auctions and raffles and will donate items if we can
    You will want to communicate to as many supporters as possible

Basically, you do the work and we write the check!
Keep in mind that our fundraisers are social events that are designed for fun and for raising money for a worthy cause. We are finalizing our 2015 Fundraising Calendar for all three locations at the current time. Locations may have dates still attainable for the coming year, however, if you request a specific month, availability may be pushed to the following year.

Please complete the form below and include your ORGANIZATION NAME and if you want to do it at our Gaithersburg, Falls Church or Fairfax store.

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